Simply put, wine is an alcoholic drink, made from fermented grapes. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “I knew this already, and it tells me nothing!” But back to basics, remember? We’ll break it down further.

Strictly speaking, you can *technically* make wine from ANY fruit. Which is why you might see a “strawberry wine,” or “blueberry wine.” It just means they have to make that attach those descriptive’s onto the label, since legally to market a beverage as wine, it needs to be made with grapes.

What kind of grapes, you ask? Excellent question.

TABLE VS WINE: Our everyday “table,” grapes are larger, with a thicker pulp, but slimmer skins, to make them more appealing to the eye. They’re also seedless, with less acidity and sugar than a grape used for wine.

Wine grapes, on the other hand, are grown to be the sweetest, most powerful kind of grapes there is; smaller, with thicker skins, higher juice content as opposed to the thicker pulp in table grapes, as well as seeded.

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